Prime exhibition 2014 – MA show


MA_show_prime_2014_5s MA_show_prime_2014_9s MA_show_prime_2014_8s MA_show_prime_2014_7s

MA_show_prime_2014_3sMA_show_prime_2014_6s MA_show_prime_2014_4s MA_show_prime_2014_2s

As part of Prime, our 2014 final degree show, MA students presented a multimedia showcase of their recent outputs and project progression in the media innovation studio from a range of MA modules that have been on offer this semester.

Projects included several pieces from our ongoing collaboration with Victoria train Station in Manchester, these show the many different approaches students have taken to creating work within the station. ‘the forgotten station’ by Leah Henson is an online interactive work exploring stories recalled by station employees through interviews and images. Nick Hall exhibited a series of 3 portraits focusing on the construction workers redeveloping the site. Other works by Nicola Brophy and Rebbecca Bibby explore the remains of the offices and original buildings abandoned behind the scenes at the station.

Other work exhibited explored a variety of themes through the new media practices module, Kevin crooks explored life beyond the TA through a series of interviews with veterans in his film, many other students exhibited multimedia work on a variety of themes exploring everyday life from British comedy to triangular sandwiches.


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Produced by the BA and MA Photography programmes at UCLAN - the University of Central Lancashire
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