Photography Research Group – Rhythmanalysis

The Photography Research Group recently held another successful reading group in the School’s Media Innovation Studio. Coordinated by David Dennison, the discussion centred on French philosopher Henri Lefebvre’s notion of ‘rhythmanalysis’.

Lefebvre proposed that we can understand urban space by examining the different social, economic and natural rhythms that take place there. Although some dismiss this later piece of work by Lefebvre as being ‘frustrating elusive’ (Amin & Thift: 2002, Cities: Reimagining the Urban) many have attempted to rehabilitate the concept.

Key references were a number of chapters from Lefebvre’s ‘Rhythmanalysis: Space, time and everyday life’ and Tim Edensor’s 2010 book ‘Geographies of Rhythm’.

The group unpicked how photographers  and other visual practitioners could use this type concept as a tool to help move away from more compositionally driven aesthetic notions of landscape to one more process based, centred around the ‘situational dynamics’ that unfold and are ‘performed’ in a site.

This part of the discussion started with a short video piece by David Dennison that explored some of the issues surrounding rhythmanalysis:

The Journey screenshot

We then looked at a recent TENT video by Adam Mead:

TENT screenshot

More about TENT: or

The final piece was the excellent ‘Sleeping Soldiers’ by the late Tim Hetherington:

Sleeping Soldiers screenshot


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