Ciara Leeming – Visiting Lecturer

The MA Photography group took part in a thought-provoking lecture on ‘Participatory Journalism’ by photojournalist Ciara Leeming. Ciara is a journalism graduate from Uclan in 2002 who has gone on to develop an impressive body of professional and personal work which utilises word, photos and multimedia. This talk centred on her personal interests on marginalised groups, especially the UK’s Roma population. Her talk examined the ethics of working with such groups and the issues of trying to create representative projects that go beyond showing simply the ‘the single story’.

ciara leeming

The notion of the single story is discussed in Chimananda Adiichie’s Ted Lecture:

ciara leeming 2

Ciara is currently exhibiting her work at the Side Gallery:

Check out her work on:


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